January 2013

Taking risks – My story

Life is really short Sure, it’s the longest thing you’ll ever do, but while you’re doing it, you may as well make the most of it. By nature, I’m not very adventurous. I’m more of a nerdy guy who would rather take something apart and reassemble it than go climb a mountain. My senior year […]

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Saying goodbye to characters

I’ve spent the last week putting together a final revision for my book. The book was originally written for my friends, and starred them as characters. Everything about the story was fictional, but since it starred my friends, I forced some things to happen (and not happen) because I thought it would be rude to,

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7 sources for story ideas

Finding story ideas can be tough sometimes. Sure, just about everyone has their million dollar novel idea, but shaping that idea into a true story and adding the detail to keep readers engaged can be daunting. Here are 7 sources for story ideas that you can use. Overhearing/Eavesdropping This sounds a lot worse than it

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