My writings & presentations from around the Web

Brandon Andersen around the Web

I write on a myriad of topics around the Web and thought I would share them all in one place. Below is a sampling of some articles I’ve written and presentations I’ve done.

Content Marketing

Content Strategy: 7 Essential Steps
A definitive guide on how to create a content marketing strategy. One of the biggest and most successful pieces of content I’ve created.

A How To Guide in Influencer Marketing
Podcast on Social Business Engine discussing the impact of influencer marketing on the world of communications and marketing

Why Content Marketing Fails
Webinar with Rand Fishkin (Yes, I was giddy like a school girl being able to present with Rand.)

Take the Reins of Content Marketing (How PR can own Content Marketing)
Presentation at PRSA Sunshine District Conference 2014

Expert Panel on Social Media and Content Marketing
Presentation at PR News Social Media Summit/Taste of Tech 2014

Why PR Needs to Own Content Marketing
Webinar with Laurie Mahoney

Writing for the Web to Keep Your Audience Engaged
Cision Blog

4 Steps for Creating Engaging Content
Cision Blog

Content Marketing for PR eBook
Cision Blog



The 5 Core SEO Tactics That You Need to Know

Creating Popular Content to Lift Less Popular Content
Cision Blog

Is “Social Authority” the next PageRank?
Cision Blog (I have to brag, this prediction came to fruition a year after the post was written.)

Content Optimization for Readability, Social Media & SEO
Cision Blog


Public Relations

Analytics and URLs help Cision prove its ROI
Ragan Communications

Leveraging Influencers to Help Tell Your Story

Rethinking the Definition of Media Placement
Cision Blog


Social Media

How Good is Your Brand at Social Listening?
Interviewed by O’Dwyer’s on the importance of social listening across multiple audiences.

Tech You Need: Trends in Social Media Monitoring & Measuring Tools
Presentation at PR News Social Media Summit/Taste of Tech 2014

Survey: Mixed Bag on Pitching Via Social Media Channels
PR News

Dissecting a Viral Post

State of Social Media In PR
Webinar with Matthew Schwartz, Group Editor at PR News

9 Social Media Tips that You Can’t Afford to Overlook
PR News

How Journalists View PR and Social Media – 2013 Social Journalism Survey
Cision Blog

Selling Social Media to the C-Suite
Cision Blog




As much as I position myself as a professional, I can’t get away from the fact that I wrote a zombie novel. I’ll embrace it and link to the article ZombiePop wrote about me when my book came out. Here you go.