About me

Who is Brandon Andersen?

Brandon Andersen
Photo Credit: Tanya Velazquez

Good question.

I’m a lot of different things. For starters, I am the Chief Strategist at Ceralytics, a content intelligence company that helps organizations understand what content and topics are resonating with their buyers.

I have a passion for taking complex problems and topics and breaking them down into small, digestible pieces. A lot of times this involves approaching a problem from many different angles to see which one best solves the issue and can be clearly communicated.

I also enjoy leading teams and giving people an environment in which they can excel individually, as well as with the team as a whole.

You can catch some of my content marketing, social media, and SEO musings over at RelevanceSocialFresh, Social Business Engine, O’Dwyer’sBusiness2Community, & PR News. You can also find me on Twitter @andersenology.

Aside from my daily life as a marketer/SEO/content developer/inbound marketer/strategist I also write comedy.  I am a graduate of Chicago’s Second City Training Program in both Comedy Writing and Improv.  I co-founded “Monkey Don’t Productions” and am a retired member of “The Uncomfortables.”  My dream is to find a way to blend my enthusiasm for marketing/social media with comedy.  If you would like to pay me obscene amounts of money to write you stories, novels or even sketches, please let me know.  We’ll talk.

If you can’t pay me gobs of money, that’s okay too. I’d still love to hear from you.

By the way, the cool head shots on this site were done by Tanya Velazquez, a Chicago family photographer and friend of mine. We’re both still amazed that the lenses didn’t break during that photo shoot.