20 funny zombie pictures

Okay, this one is just for fun. Here are some funny zombie pictures that I’ve collected over the years. The whole zombie genre is so gory and gross, it’s nice to sometimes break out of the blood, bile and butchery and enjoy a little humor.

Probably the most truthful pie chart regarding the zombie apocalypse

funny zombie pie chart


The evolution of zombies

zombie evolution


Before you start hacking and slashing, take a moment to remember…

zombies were people too


And since they were people at one point…some of them are more superficial than others

superficial zombie

Walking Dead


When the zombies come, keep calm and bury on

zombie reaction

Seems like a good idea, until that generator runs out of juice

zombie preparation house treadmill


Screw the treadmills, just line your house with these

rake ax zombie weapon

Identify what you’re up against

zombie identification chart


Which brings us to…

if attacked by a zombie

Odds are, you’re going to be a zombie, not a hero. Better study up


zombie food pyramid


When ordering, don’t forget about the zombie food pyramid guidelines

zombie eat flesh

Try to blend in

zombie costume

We’re all thinking it

zombie apocalypse constructive


This is just one more reason why I’m a runner

zombies hate fast food


These guys just can’t catch a break

walking dead irony

Walking Dead


Except he can’t open doors, grab anything to eat or do much of anything else. But, dying of dehydration in a swarm of zombies may be better than getting ripped apart.

ultimate zombie survivor


This guy picked Palin to be a running mate, so I’m not so sure he’s interested in brains

mccain zombie


Again, we’re all thinking it

hardest part zombie apocalypse


One of the greatest internet comics takes on zombies

gentleman zombie
If you’re not already reading Cyanide and Happiness, go do it now.


 The family that slays together, stays together

zombie family

Okay, you had your laugh. Now go see what you need to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse.


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